Jon Paul Robbins is a very respected civil litigator

Posted by admin - January 3rd, 2014

Finding a decent attorney can be difficult, but finding one who is skilled without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money is nearly impossible. Much of the search for the right attorney boils down to how much you can trust that person. People want to know that their attorney is working in their favor, rather than simply trying to accumulate billable hours. Jon Paul Robbins is the type of attorney who can be trusted to handle your issue, whatever it is. He is an experienced and successful lawyer who has a commitment to helping you to resolve your legal issues in the best way possible. Jon Paul Robbins is going to lead in the courtroom by helping to construct a strategy for your situation—he is someone you want at your table.

Jon Paul Robbins is based out of New York City, having worked out of that area for many years. He is an experienced attorney who is currently working as a partner at McLaughlin & Stern LLP. As such, Jon Paul Robbins is an attorney as a highly respected law firm in the New York City area. This firm has been active in the legal field for more than one-hundred years. Jon Paul Robbins has contributed in significant ways to the legacy and continuing of success of McLaughlin & Stern LLP. He has provided competent counsel to many clients over a number of years.

Jon Paul Robbins is a very respected civil litigator, having operated in this field for years. This means that he does not handle criminal law in any way shape or form. He now specializes in fields like anti-trust, lender liability, business dissolution, real estate, trusts and estates, sports and entertainment, insurance defense, and employment discrimination. Eventually, Jon Paul Robbins helped to found a firm called Nitkin Alkalay Handler & Robbins. He became a partner at McLaughlin & Stern LLP because in 1992 they merged with the firm he founded.